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3 types of viennoiseries added to our menu

Updated: Feb 11

At Atelier Okashi, we are thrilled to unveil three viennoiseries on our menu.

We are excited to share our newest additions to the bakery lineups. First up, we have the iconic French croissant, a timeless classic renowned for its flaky layers and buttery richness.

Next is the Pain au Chocolat encased in buttery pastry, each bite reveals a rich flavor of the premium chocolate. Then, last but certainly not least, we present our Almond Croissant which gives a unique match with the sweetness of almond and the buttery goodness of croissant dough. They are topped with slices of almonds.

It has been a while since we have provided those viennoiseries to cafes such as MAME Cafe in Zurich. This year, we decided to start distributing them directly to our customers.

All viennoiseries are available for pick up at our production place in Rüschlikon.

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