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Reservations for Christmas Cake has Started

Japanese Style Christmas Shortcake

It is that time of the year. Want to know what we offer for Christmas cake this year? We will keep everything simple and bring the Japanese Style Christmas Shortcake on the menu.

A Shortcake is one of the Japanese favorites cakes for Birthdays and Christmas parties. Japanese shortcakes are created with layers of whipped cream, sponge cake, and fruits. They are decorated with fruits, and whipped cream on top. The commonly used fruits are strawberries.

For this year, they come in two sizes. The "Small" is 16cm in diameter and would be suitable for approximately 4 - 6 persons. The "Large" is 18cm in diameter and would be suitable for approximately 6 - 8 persons.

For reservations, please visit our website and tap "Christmas Cake" on the menu. For any further questions, please write to us at

** Please note that the picture is a reference, and the decoration could differ.

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